Cbd2050 Team

by admin
Aiden Wilson
Aiden Wilson is a neuroscientist specializes in biochemistry. He expertises in cannabis drug research. He writes contents on cannabis for our team since 6 years.
Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson a dietitian and health care expert also specializes in vape research. She has extracted every detailed information of vape drug and guides our team to write news-stories on vape.
Emma Moore
Emma Moore worked as a freelance writer for 3 years. She wrote on topics like cbd drug. Being a chemistry specialized graduate, she expertises in cbd drug research.
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones is a drug analyst of our team. he has deep knowledge of various drugs and is guiding our team since 8 years as drug analyst. He also writes blogs on benefits of various drugs.
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller has 6 years of experience as an academic researcher. She specializes in hemp drug and makes people about benefits of hemp via her blogs and by conducting seminars. She is a news editor of our team since 5 years.